Frequently Asked Questions

Is air conditioning energy efficient?

Most systems are rated A+ or even A++ on the energy rated system. An input of 1kw of electricity can provide over 5kw of cooling /heating.

Are the engineers installing my air conditioning qualified?

Intercool systems are factory trained by Daikin, are qualified to handle refrigerant and are Health and Safety compliant. The engineers will install your new equipment with as little disruption as possible to your business or home. Intercool Systems liaise with other involved trades to ensure your project runs smoothly.

What is the length of the guarantee/warranty on the equipment?

Daikin offer a 7 year Manufactures parts and labour guarantee if supported by a maintenance contract. Intercool are also D1 installers which means that you will receive a “no fuss warranty”.

What are the important factors when considering air conditioning units?

Air Conditioning needs to be sized correctly for the size of room it is heating or cooling and the most suitable model to suit your needs. Intercool Systems will always advise on the best solution as well as explain the proposed installation in detail.

How often do I need service my air conditioning?

Air condition needs to be serviced at least once a year depending on the application, just like a car the service is important to keep the system running efficiently and support extended warranties validation.

My conservatory is very hot in the summer and cold in the winter is air conditioning a better solution to heat and cool?

Conservatories are extremely difficult to regulate their temperature due to sola interference, weather conditions and the glazed construction. Traditional heating systems such as radiators and underfloor heating will not react quickly enough when the weather conditions change during the day. Air conditioning is an effective energy efficient way to control your conservatory heating and cooling throughout the year.

Can I control my air conditioning from my tablet or smart phone?

Most Domestic systems can be controlled from a tablet or smart phone.

Can Air conditioning cause legionella’ disease?

The bacteria for legionella disease is not found in “air to air” air conditioning systems because they don’t contain water. Legionella bacteria is a natural inhabitancy of water and is generally found in cooling towers, whirlpool spars and humidifiers to name just a few.

Is Air conditioning noisy?

Daikin are award winners for their whisper-quiet air conditioners its perfect for homes, restaurants, small businesses and commercial premises

Can I use my air conditioning as a heating system?

Air conditioning heat pumps are ideal for both heating and cooling and provides a total climate management solution.

Why choose Daikin?

Daikin only manufacture Air Conditioning and are the world’s only true air conditioning specialists.

Will I be purchasing the most up to date model?

We do not keep any old stock; our installations are all new orders coming straight from the manufacturer ensuring the most up to date model.

Is Daikin air conditioning environmentally friendly?

Daikin are dedicated and committed to improving the quality of the environment by using ozone friendly refrigerants and striving to improve their product.

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