Air Conditioning for Commercial Premises

Commercial Air Conditioning in Staffordshire

Air conditioning is no longer considered to be a luxury item; it’s an essential for every successful business. High quality air conditioning can improve staff efficiency and improve comfort levels for your valued customers.

Properly installed and correctly-sized professional air conditioning equipment provides your workplace with cost-effective and energy efficient solutions. Our air conditioning units are both quiet and stylish and quickly make the transition between heating and cooling mode, making them ideal for commercial customers.

Intercool Systems are a Daikin D1 Approved Specialist Dealer, we devote time and effort to select the right air conditioner for the individual needs of your business.

One size does not fit all

Our experience has taught us that different working spaces have different heating and cooling requirements. Correctly-sized air conditioning is crucial: an air conditioner that’s too small results in less comfort, while a model that’s too big for your space could result in higher energy bills. Intercool Systems will recommend an AC unit that is correctly size and just right for your requirements.

Our detailed quotations are designed specifically to your requirements, and free from hidden costs. We can also quote for a phased installation to suit you budget, should you need us to. Daikin’s standard 3 years warranty on parts and labour is automatically extended to 7 years when fitted by Intercool Systems and is supported by a service contract.

Heat recovery ventilation systems

Heat recovery ventilation extracts stale air from a building, whilst simultaneously introducing fresh air from outside. Any heat energy is recovered, reclaimed through the recovery system and then transferred into the fresh incoming air.

Stale air can lead to a loss in productivity as well as low staff morale and is believed to contribute to Sick Building Syndrome. Part F of the Building Regulations recommends a minimum fresh air supply rate in offices of 10lts per second per person.

Tax allowance on Air Conditioning

Most Daikin air conditioning equipment qualifies for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. The ECA scheme provides business with enhanced tax relief for investment in energy-saving equipment that meets specified Government criteria. It allows 100% of the investment to be written off against taxable profit in the year the investment was made. The ECA scheme is a key part of the government programme to manage climate change, and is designed to encourage businesses to invest in energy saving equipment.

For full details on the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme and how Daikin equipment qualifies for it, please visit We can supply a Daikin Statement of Eligibility for ECA on final selection of equipment.

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